How to Childproof an Apartment

Children can have a wonderful time growing up in an apartment, but like everywhere, there are dangers. Parents must take the appropriate measures to ensure their child’s well-being.
Start with the low-hanging fruit and eliminate risks to create a safe and secure environment for your child. Continue reading to learn how to childproof an apartment and educate yourself about the dangers we tend to overlook.

Risks Out of Your Control

Naturally, there will be risks out of your control when living in an apartment. For example, building upkeep is performed by the maintenance crew.
Likewise, if you live in an older apartment building, there may be electrical wiring and outlets that pose a threat to a curious child. Invest in electrical outlet covers and ensure cords are secure to prevent a child learning how to crawl, walk, or run from hurting themselves.
Parents must teach their children the dangers of touching electrical outlets and cords.

What Are The Dangerous Areas in an Apartment for Children?

Windows and doors can be hazardous for young children learning to walk and explore their environment. It’s essential to take extra precautions in these areas to keep your child safe.
If you live on an upper floor of an apartment building, ensure that all windows within reach of children have childproof locks. Installing gates or bars on windows can provide additional protection.
If you have a balcony, ensure all openings are properly sealed with netting, gates, or wood. Keep in mind that children may try to climb on patio furniture, so it’s important to supervise them and never leave them alone on the balcony.

How Do I Keep Hazardous Items Out of a Child’s Mouth?

Children often put things in their mouths, which can be dangerous as they may not know the potential hazards. Keeping obvious dangers, such as medicine, out of reach is crucial, but other toxic items aren’t as obvious.
Some common houseplants, for instance, can be harmful when ingested, so it’s important to know what plants are in your home and apartment building. Additionally, paint chips in older apartments may contain lead and are dangerous, especially if ingested by young children.
If you notice chipping paint in your apartment, inform your landlord or maintenance immediately, even if you do not have children or pets, as this can also be a hazard for others.

Understanding Stranger-Danger in an Apartment Community

Even if you have discussed the concept of stranger danger with your child, it may be harder for them to understand when living in an apartment building. To help your child differentiate between neighbors and strangers, introduce yourself and your child to the neighbors around your unit when you move in.
This will also let your neighbors know that you have a young child living with you, and they may be more vigilant in identifying any potential dangers around your apartment. Additionally, ensure your child knows not to enter any apartment unit without your permission.
Never let your children play unsupervised in common areas of the apartment building.

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